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Shelter Cat Needs Help


CALLIE was a feral ‘catch-spay-release‘ cat that lived in the woods near a cabin we rented for Ferret Shelter Northwest. We agreed to continue to feed her, and two other feral cats, so they would not need to be relocated.

Although you are not supposed to be able to pet a feral cat, after two years of talking to her from a distance whenever I fed her, (and any time I saw her outside) she finally let me pet her. Nearly 10 years later she sleeps on our bed each night, and resides on my lap whenever possible.

Every morning Callie crawls up next to my face and gives me “kisses” on my cheek (thus “Kissy” Callie). I then lift the covers, she crawls under, spins around, then lies down next to me purring. (Great way to start my day!)

Anyhow, Callie needs a dental procedure and the shelter has no funds. We are still paying off vet bills for the ferrets here that had to go on our personal credit card due to a lack of enough funds for a major vet bill.

Callie is, essentially, a shelter cat. She won’t interact with the ferrets, but she mostly tolerates them – within reason. (They often get too rambunctious for her.)

She is a wonderful cat – big on purring, ‘kisses’ and talking. I hope you will help.